Saturday, October 26, 2019, 9:30AM – 4:30 PM PST

The Secrets of Powerful Public Speaking

Have you noticed that some people can consistently speak with authority, impress their audiences and persuade them of their point of view - whether in presentations or meetings? Have you thought about the impact that ability would have on your career, your compensation, your confidence?

Good public speaking is not a gift. It’s a skill that you can learn. And that’s what you’ll do at The Confident Speaker's seminar, “The Secrets of Powerful Public Speaking,” taught by a master communicator. Whether you’re a novice or experienced speaker, this interactive workshop will teach you what you need to infuse each presentation with energy and presence, and to exert influence in any meeting.

“The Secrets of Powerful Public Speaking offered a safe environment while pushing me out of my comfort zone. Since then, my presentations have been more comfortable for me and more impactful and exciting for my audiences.” – Dr. Bradley Bailey

“Before this seminar, I thought good public speaking was a genetic gift. The Secrets of Powerful Public Speaking proves that, like tennis, it can be learned and mastered with the right coach and racket.” – Lynn Hollenbeck, Esq.

“I was surprised at how quickly the day-long workshop passed and how many beneficial ideas I received! I highly recommend this course to anyone who has to present in public and especially to anyone who fears public speaking!” – Michael Wolfe, Business Owner

Registration fee: $350

New York Life Insurance Company
425 Market Street, Room 900
San Francisco, CA 94105
(Easy access to BART, MUNI and parking)

Registration is limited to 10 to ensure adequate time for all participants.