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The Confident Speaker (TCS) offers monthly workshops in public speaking and in the techniques needed to successfully navigate challenging professional situations. These include such topics as sales meetings, team updates, interviews and negotiations.

Class size is kept low to provide each participant ample individual attention. These are highly practical seminars that get everyone up and speaking multiple times. Registrants benefit from both group and trainer feedback.

See our Events page for workshop dates, course description and registration options.

TCS workshops are offered at 425 Market Street in downtown San Francisco, convenient to BART and MUNI. Nearby parking is available.

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    Whether you’re a novice or experienced speaker, this training will take you to the next level.

With The Confident Speaker, You Will Learn To:

Speak with Authority

Craft Messages That Resonate

Have Them at “Hello”

Persuade with Logic & Emotion

Consistently Achieve Your Objective

Influence Audiences Non-Verbally

Conquer Objections

Win Consensus

Captivate with Stories

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Lauren Dai

Growth - Stripe

Richard gives highly actionable advice during his coaching sessions. I recently gave a speech using techniques I learned from Richard's class and earned many compliments for 1. structure 2. storytelling techniques 3. vocal variety among other areas. Richard's class has helped me go from a solid public speaker to a public speaker with much more range and variety. Would definitely recommend!

Asher B

Asher Bell

CEO - Ring-A-Bell Enterprises

I had the pleasure of working with Richard this year for the first time and let me tell you this was way more than I expected! Richard is extremely detailed, enthusiastic, supportive, driven, and knowledgeable about his business and industry. Even for those who have 10+ years of experience can come to one of the classes and learn new things and even identify new skills when working with Richard. I highly recommend taking one of his workshops and seeing for yourself the dynamic atmosphere he brings and will leave you wanting more.

Nancy L

Nancy Lewellen

Managing Partner - Palladian Law Group

Richard Bannin uses his acting background to make great suggestions on how to improve one's voice, the intelligent use of pauses while speaking, ideas for posture and movement and so much more. I have used his methods, and my public speaking has definitely improved. As an attorney, I am called upon to speak in front of various people and in the court room. Using Richard's methods has definitely made me a better public speaker and improved my confidence as well. I recently watched him do a mock negotiation between two volunteers and he made terrific suggestions for both parties after the demonstration. I heartily recommend him and already have given his name to several business associates.

Ben savage photo

Benjamin Savage

AR/CR Developer - Wells Fargo Innovation Group

Richard is a consummate professional in the field of public speaking and I consider myself extremely lucky to have come across his workshops. Not only has he helped me become more comfortable when speaking in front of audiences, but has taught me valuable lessons about structuring my speeches, making good use of body language and developing a more powerful speaking voice. At each workshop he immediately identified my weak points and gave me excellent suggestions on how to correct them. I've attended three workshops so far this year and intend to take part in many more!

Christen Luciano

Christen Luciano

Director of Partner Development - Singular.net

Richard was an amazing addition to our sales enablement program, providing the skills needed by our sales org to be confident in composure and close deals! Richard brings a unique background in theater and Sales Engineering that resonated with our team and made the training engaging and extremely valuable. We are looking forward to continuing our work with him.

Jennifer Loh

Jennifer Loh

Destination Manager Hawaii - GetYourGuide

If you're looking to up your public speaking game, I highly recommend working with Richard. Not only is he an expert speaker, but his tips and tricks help you elevate your skills.

I recently attended one of his public speaking workshops and learned so much about myself and my ability. In preparation for the class, Richard provided some pre-work for us to ensure we make the most out of the workshop. The group size was small, offering a perfect setting to work on your skills while getting to know everyone. Everything from the pre-work, to the reminder email, to the execution of the workshop itself were well-organized and thoughtful.

After taking his workshop, I gave a speech to my company. The feedback I received from the workshop helped me give a well-delivered speech. After my presentation, I got a lot of positive feedback from my peers and my manager. I don't think I could have pulled it off without Richard's help.

p_Bernal Head Michael Minson (3 of 3)

Michael Minson

Partner, Sr. Sales Agent - Keller Williams SF Realty

I hired Richard Bannin of the Confident Speaker to assist me with my public presentations. I do a lot of public speaking and didn't have any problems with nerves or lack of confidence. But I knew I needed speech coaching to help me organize and simplify my PowerPoints to simplify my presentations and make them run more smoothly. (I suffered from that common problem of too much data and information on each slide.) Richard helped me simplify my slides, organize my presentations, and just make them run much more smoothly. It worked! And it's so much easier than trying to speak from over-stuffed PowerPoint slides (which everyone hates and no one reads anyway). Richard was a fantastic help and so easy to collaborate with. If you do any amount of public speaking, be sure to contact Richard. Highly recommend!

Commercial Photographer San Francisco Bay Area

Lynn Hollenbeck

Attorney - Louderback Law Group

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from "The Secrets of Powerful Public Speaking." Through carefully targeted exercises designed to incorporate various proven techniques, Leader Richard Bannin provides personal constructive feedback in a supportive environment. This is a hands-on, participatory workshop where each participant is gently urged to expand their comfort zone and take advantage of all the arrows in the quiver you will leave with. Before this seminar, I thought good public speaking was a genetic natural gift. SPPS proves that, like tennis, it can be learned and mastered with the right coach and racket. Lynn Hollenbeck., San Francisco attorney.

Good public speaking is not a gift. It’s a craft that can be learned.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced speaker, this training will take you to the next level. Make your next presentation your best! Contact Richard and become the best speaker you can be.

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