Who is Richard Bannin?

Richard is a seasoned training expert with over 30 years’ experience in public speaking. A New York City native, he was an advertising and non-profit executive before becoming a high-tech sales engineer in the 1990’s. His presentations generated $100 million in donations and software sales. The 90’s also saw him begin coaching and training in presentation and communication skills. Clients include NY State Senator Tom Duane and San Francisco Airport General Manager John Martin. Richard also coached executives at McKinsey, Lufthansa, Citigroup and Coca-Cola as a consultant with McAlinden Associates in New York City.

Richard is an alumnus of Columbia University and holds a degree in Theatre and Speech from William & Mary. He has trained as an actor and speaker at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, HB Studios in New York and American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.


The Confident Speaker

The Confident Speaker (TCS) is a public speaking and sales communications consultancy based in San Francisco. We offer individual coaching, corporate trainings and public workshops throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Can TCS Help Me Overcome My Fear of Public Speaking?

Yes! Our approach in workshops and private training has helped many break through their fear of public speaking. That’s essential because the fear of public speaking affects most people. In fact, Psychology Today identifies it as the most feared life experience: more than illness, loneliness, even death.


TCS workshops (see our Events page) start with relaxation and breathing exercises to relax participants, and with work to identify and dispel speaking fears. They are followed by acting exercises to free your creativity and cement a confident mindset, which is strengthened by positive feedback from the session leader and fellow participants.

Private Training

TCS Private training eases fear because you work one-on-one with a coach whose sole function is to guide and support you. These sessions typically focus on an upcoming communication you’d like to rehearse or a previous one you’d like to recreate as a learning laboratory. All private sessions are with TCS founder Richard Bannin. Each is recorded and sent to you for your private review and reinforcement.

Why Choose Us

Here are some client comments on what else distinguishes the TCS experience.

  • “Richard’s theatre background is a terrific asset and makes his trainings fun and unique. His focus on voice and presence to influence an audience is spot-on.”

  • “The scope of his knowledge is amazing. He restructured my script, reorganized my PowerPoint and sharpened my delivery for what became one of my most successful presentations. That’s what you get when you work with a veteran with years of the business presentation experience.”

  • “The emphasis is on fast results: zeroing in on those speaking aspects that will give you the greatest improvement in the least amount of time.”

  • “I left my sessions with Richard with specific actions to take to improve my speaking. The difference is very noticeable. I’m also more knowledgeable about how to prepare a speech effectively.”

  • “I appreciated the fact that Richard leads his workshops and doesn’t delegate training to a less experienced employee. I want to work with a master, not a disciple.”

“I’ve worked with several speech coaches, but Richard is the best. He helped me channel my passion for public service into my speeches.The different in audience reaction was amazing.”


6-Term New York State Senator