• Whether you’re a novice or experienced speaker, this training will take you to the next level. Make your next presentation your best!

The Confident Speaker (TCS) private coaching is ideal for the person who wants to focus on a specific upcoming communication; on bringing professional meetings to more successful conclusions; or simply on overcoming a fear of speaking in a relaxed, supportive environment.

Private coaching sessions typically run one hour. Initial training concentrates on speech organization as well as delivery. Attention is paid to crafting an opening “hook” to immediately capture audience attention; a clear body with smooth transitions; and a compelling wrap-up/call to action. Delivery coaching instills techniques of voice and body language to heighten impact.

One doesn’t become a better speaker after just one lesson. Mastery takes practice. Multiple sessions are recommended to cement progress and empower clients to consistently speak with confidence and authority.

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    Whether you’re a novice or experienced speaker, this training will take you to the next level.

With The Confident Speaker, You Will Learn To:

Speak with Authority

Craft Messages That Resonate

Have Them at “Hello”

Persuade with Logic & Emotion

Consistently Achieve Your Objective

Influence Audiences Non-Verbally

Conquer Objections

Win Consensus

Captivate with Stories

Michael N

Michael Nguyen

Attorney/Patent Counsel - Wong & Rees LLP

Richard is such an amazing public speaking coach! His attention to my quirky mannerisms and help in focusing my message to a nonprofit audience is so important and helpful! I give him and his services my highest recommendation. In just an hour, I came away with a game plan to explain my message with alacrity and readiness to take on the world! Go chat with Richard today!

Manuel U

Manuel Ugarte

Immigration Attorney

I have had the pleasure of attending two presentations by Richard on public speaking, in particular public speaking for lawyers. He brings his expertise from theater and acting to the courtroom, boardroom and much more. He breaks down the elements of confident speaking to presence, creating rapport with the audience, and storytelling. He doesn't just throw information at you, he makes you practice with exercises and drills. Do you want to be taken seriously when you speak? Have you heard yourself talk or video recorded yourself? Where are your hands? Where are your eyes? It matters. Richard helps with all this and more. Definitely reach out and begin mastering public speaking. With his help, I have become cognizant of my posture demeanor, pitch and other areas I took for granted.

Isaac Jacobson

Isaac Jacobson

Attorney - McLaughlin Sanchez LLP

As an attorney, I'm trained to speak in front of judges and juries, and I have years of experience in the courtroom. However, I have less experience in other public speaking venues, so I worked with Richard to improve in those areas. Richard helped me prepare for speaking engagements that I do on behalf of my business. He shared techniques with me that I simply didn't know before working with him: how to move around the room with intention; where to look; how to engage the audience; and how to prepare interesting visuals. Based on my work with Richard I know my speaking engagements are more interesting, professional, and engaging. I highly recommend The Confident Speaker.

Geoff Lewis

Geoff Lewis


I recently engaged Richard Bannin as a Communications Consultant to bring my public speaking to the next level and I cannot recommend him more highly! I have known Richard through Toastmasters and I have always been impressed how he speaks with confidence and poise. Richard brings to The Confident Speaker a unique and dynamic combination of talents and credentials, including his seasoned business presentation skills, his professional/degreed theatre training, and his extensive Toastmasters experience. Both as a speaker and as a coach he is as good as it gets. I would definitely recommend Richard to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills, whether for professional or personal reasons!

Erica Lawler

Erica Lawler

Founder & CEO - EmPower Media Group

I worked with Richard in 2016 when I launched my online Marketing business, EmPower Media. Richard was patient and constructive while we perfected my elevator pitch. Due to his drama background and professional experience he makes an extraordinary coach.
Richard really cares about his clients and wants to make improvements in short amounts of time. He is not afraid to tell you how it is. Hire him if you want to improve your business, your life and your public and personal speaking skills.

Ben savage photo

Benjamin Savage

AR/CR Developer - Wells Fargo Innovation Group

Richard is a consummate professional in the field of public speaking and I consider myself extremely lucky to have come across his workshops. Not only has he helped me become more comfortable when speaking in front of audiences, but has taught me valuable lessons about structuring my speeches, making good use of body language and developing a more powerful speaking voice. At each workshop he immediately identified my weak points and gave me excellent suggestions on how to correct them. I've attended three workshops so far this year and intend to take part in many more!

Joanne Fazino

Joanne Fazino

Residential Leasing Specialist - J. Wavro Associates

Richard is a very accomplished and talented trainer for public speaking. He has creative ideas and he is a wealth of knowledge. He has acting experience which adds to his colorful and extremely useful presentations, whether for a 30 second elevator pitch to a 30 minute (more or less) presentation, job interview or special occasion event. Use Richard -- you will not be disappointed!

Good public speaking is not a gift. It’s a craft that can be learned.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced speaker, this training will take you to the next level. Make your next presentation your best! Contact Richard and become the best speaker you can be.

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