• Whether you’re a novice or experienced speaker, this training will take you to the next level. Make your next presentation your best!

TCS corporate trainings foster the powerful employee and management communication skills needed to meet and exceed organizational goals. Focus is defined by the client and has ranged from public speaking basics to converting prospects to clients, investor pitches, board/client presentations, negotiations and meetings management.

All corporate trainings offer a curriculum customized to the organization’s priorities and training populations. Each starts with discovery sessions with management and, ideally, participants to identify goals and challenges.

TCS corporate trainings are held on-site and may be single- or multi-day.

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    Whether you’re a novice or experienced speaker, this training will take you to the next level.

With The Confident Speaker, You Will Learn To:

Speak with Authority

Craft Messages That Resonate

Have Them at “Hello”

Persuade with Logic & Emotion

Consistently Achieve Your Objective

Influence Audiences Non-Verbally

Conquer Objections

Win Consensus

Captivate with Stories


Aaron Delgado-Bonson

AVP - Umpqua Bank

Richard has made me a stronger communicator, a more effective leader and has helped me grow my business. I initially referred my team over to Richard after seeing what he did at a workshop for a networking group. The results from that series of ongoing team coaching sessions have been so immensely effective that I decided to refer myself to Richard for my individual communication needs. I am a seasoned banker and have had much experience with outbound business development, relationship management, and overall leadership communication, however, I could see the value that Richard could bring to me and how I could be my best self. I have had 2 sessions so far with Richard and have received more immediately actionable tools and tips than in my entire professional development training. When I first went to Richard initially I was unsure as to how it was going to go and what the format was going to be. I knew that I needed something, however, I didn't quite know what I needed. Richard had a complimentary session with me to get to understand where I was at and what I truly needed. He uncovered things that I was not even aware of and created a collaborative and tailored plan for my growth. I would recommend Richard Bannin to anyone who is new to any professional career, who is a veteran looking to refine and hone their skills, and to who would like to grow any aspect of their communication with others. I am truly a confident speaker now thanks to Richard!

Christen Luciano

Christen Luciano

Director of Partner Development - Singular.net

Richard was an amazing addition to our sales enablement program, providing the skills needed by our sales org to be confident in composure and close deals! Richard brings a unique background in theater and Sales Engineering that resonated with our team and made the training engaging and extremely valuable. We are looking forward to continuing our work with him.